Saturday Update.

This week has been nuts. Seriously, I think that is the best way to describe it.
I'm prepping Submerged for release and working on Collide (getting that ready to query). I've had a few people asking to beta Collide. At some point, yes, I will offer it up to my awesome beta readers but it is going to be a bit before I feel comfortable doing so. There are still some things I need to clean up before I let anyone read the manuscript.

After being quoted on Criminal Minds, my blog stats exploded and my book sales went up (not that much but enough that I nearly dropped my laptop in surprise). When I was writing this book back in late 2010/early 2011, I had a lot going on in my head and I let a lot of it out in this book. The quote they used on Criminal Minds was my favorite from the book and also the most important (to me, at least). It is still mind boggling that I was quoted on a show like Criminal Minds - I mean, seriously, given all of the "Who is Nicole Sobon" searches that led people here, I'm confused as to how any of the writers even came upon the quote, haha. It really is the highlight of the year (so far) and I'm extremely grateful to Criminal Minds for the exposure. (Fun fact: Criminal Minds is actually my favorite show. I usually marathon it every weekend.)

I'm taking ARC requests for Submerged. If you're a YA book blogger, feel free to contact me (e-mail, Twitter, Facebook). ARCs will go out around February 8th. I just want to do one more read through before I publish it, as I'm sure there are still a few typos that I missed, or my betas possibly missed, or that Grammarly missed (each book goes through me, my betas and Grammarly before being published).

If you're waiting on a package from me, I plan on sending them out next weekend (when I have the money for postage). I have a lot of packages to ship out (around 10-13). If you're waiting on a bookmark, you should be receiving it soon. I've sent all of those requests out already.

I'm sick, so I probably won't be online too much this weekend. I just wanted to say thank you. Seriously, this year is starting out wonderfully and it is only because you guys are freaking awesome (well, and CBS).

Here's a random snippet from Is Love (Volume 1):

When I’d received my sentencing from the council, I knew that my life was essentially over. Not just because of Kieran but also because I’d heard how often people lost themselves in the compound – heck, I’d seen it – how they became so paralyzed with fear that once they were released back to Caiden, they weren’t sure how to act.
I knew that there was a chance that could be me, and now I knew there was more of a possibility that could be the case.
With the council promising a return, I knew that it was only a matter of time, and I wasn’t sure whether I was more terrified or angry.
Terrified that I’d lose myself.
Terrified that I’d lose my memories of Kieran.
Terrified that I’d forget the feeling of love.
And angry because, to them, they hadn’t taken enough from me yet – they had to take away the only thing I had left to hold onto.
My mind, my memories, they belonged to me. They were the only way I’d get through the next two years. Without them – without being able to see his face, to remember my family – there was nothing worth fighting for.

You can buy it now from Amazon for $0.99, or you can borrow it if you are a Prime Member. I should probably mention it is a lot different from my other titles. It focuses on love (it is also pretty slow since it is setting up the world for the other installments). I should also mention that there will be more than three installments (surprise!): the first three will be from Ridley's POV, then I plan on releasing at least one from Roslyn's POV and possibly one from Jolene's POV. And maybe one from Kieran's POV. We'll see!

<3 Nicole


  1. I finished Is Love Vol. 1 today and will have my review up on Tuesday!! I loved it! Great start!
    Brittany S

    1. And I'm looking forward to reading your review (I probably should've just edited the first comment but eh, haha). :)

  2. The quote on Criminal Minds is so timely. Two and a half years ago, my 32 year old son died leaving a young family. His sister and I are beginning to take halting, painful steps toward starting over.

    1. Hi Amberly,

      I'm so sorry about your son. It isn't easy to deal with the death of a loved one, especially someone so young. I admire your strength and my thoughts are with you and your family.