An Update On "Collide": Don't Hate Me But...

You guys are going to hate me.
But I kind of have to do this.

See, Collide was supposed to come out in February.


I kind of want to submit it to two publishers before I self-publish it (it'll be hard to sell it after I do that, unless the sales are crazy good... which is doubtful, haha). Because of this, I'm holding off on publishing it for a bit.

It sucks, I know.


If they reject my query, I will self-publish it ASAP.

This is a different kind of book for me. It is straight contemporary and it is a romance. (Don't worry, there is still plenty of snark/humor.) Because it is different from my other books - all of which are hard sells - I want to try going the traditional route with this one. Unlike Submerged, Collide has a chance of finding a home (YA Dystopians are out, NA Contemporaries are in).

I hope you guys don't hate me too much.

I plan on holding a massive giveaway soon to show just how sorry I am at the delay.

Until Collide finally releases into the world, at least you'll have the Is Love novelette series (which concludes in March) and Deprogrammed (which releases in May). So there will be plenty coming your way from me.

<3 Nicole

Edited to add:

Submerged will be available on February 14th! Unfortunately, the publisher that was looking it over decided that it wasn't a good fit for them. It sucks, yes, but I actually don't mind too much. I kind of expected it. I'm just excited to finally share Taylen's story with the world.

There will also be a short story released in February that introduces readers to Glate and the Homeless Sector. It won't spoil anything but it will answer questions you may have when reading Submerged.


  1. Hehe, everyone can just blame me, it's fine! I wish you the best of luck! Do I still get to beta? :D

    1. Haha, of course. I'll send it to you probably within the next two weeks. It's still pretty messy right now and I want to clean it up a bit before I let anyone read it. =P