Writing Update.

Things have been a bit crazy over the past few days. Between work and the election, I really haven't been focusing on NaNo. In order to catch-up, I will be focusing on writing for the next week. What does that mean for the blog? It basically means that I won't be posting any reviews until I'm caught up.

I do have two reviews that are long overdue (Glitch and Spark), and before the end of the year, I promise, I will post them, but for right now they are going to have to wait.

I'm also working on a secret Emile Reed project. I won't be revealing many details until February/March 2013, but I can say this: it isn't a novel, and it involves Charles McVeigh. Make of that what you will. It's an extra that I think readers will enjoy.

I've sent out the first twenty-three chapters of Submerged to my beta-readers. I'm working on fixing the epilogue right now, but I'm hoping to have chapters twenty-four and on sent to the betas by Friday afternoon. I planned on having the entire manuscript sent by the 3rd, but the epilogue was a mess. The voice didn't fit Taylen at all. It actually reminded me more of Gemma (from Collide). Yeah. Big mess. So I'm fixing that right now, and then that is it. For real this time.

For those wondering why I added in an epilogue: Submerged is a stand-alone novel. This book has been through a ton of changes, the main one being that it was originally supposed to introduce a new series. I decided to kill that idea after I realized I just couldn't do it. I've spent a year and a half working on Submerged at this point, and honestly, I don't have it in me to knock out a sequel. That is where the epilogue comes in. These characters deserve a proper ending, and after re-reading the final chapter, I realized that I failed to give them one. In order to wrap everything up, I decided to add on an epilogue last minute, and even though it is currently giving me a headache, I'm glad that I decided to do so.

I do hope that I'm able to share Submerged with all of you someday, but for right now, I'm kind of looking forward to distancing myself from it for the next month.
<3 Nicole

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