Weekly Update.

I'm doing the weekly update a few days early this week as I'll be in my writing cave this weekend, and I'll be avoiding the internet.

1. If you downloaded a copy of Rare Talents from Smashwords, please, delete it. There was a glaring typo that I'd somehow missed. It has since been fixed on the Amazon edition, but I couldn't update the Smashwords edition before it hit over 600+ downloads.I know it is only one word, but it was a really stupid mistake that should have been caught and I'm beating myself up over it. If you've already purchased a copy, shoot me an e-mail and I'll send you the updated file.

2. This awesome review for No Place Like Home was posted earlier this week. After receiving the 2-star review shortly after No Place Like Home was published, I was honestly considering pulling the book, but I'm glad that I didn't. If I can at least make one reader happy, then I'm okay.

3.To those of you who e-mailed me about betaing Allegiance, thank you! I will be responding to the e-mails later today.

4. Is Love Volume 1 is still scheduled for a January release, but Is Love Volume 2 and Is Love Volume 3 might get pushed back a bit. I haven't had much time to focus on Ridley's story right now, so I'm behind on my writing. They'll be out before June, that much I'm sure of, but that is about all that I can promise right now.

5. I'm hoping to have release dates for both Decoding Evie and Release soon. And covers. I promise, they'll be available in 2013, I just don't know when yet. I have a lot of writing to finish at the moment, and plus, my main focus is the Emile Reed series... and then there's the sequel to The Yearning that I really want to knock out. Busy. Busy. Busy.

And just because, here is a song from my Submerged playlist (Note: the video isn't exactly SFW):

It really does fit the book perfectly. If you've read it, I think you'll agree.

<3 Nicole

P.S. If you have Touch of Death by Kelly Hashway on your to-read list, make sure you catch my review post on December 5th because I'll be giving away my ARC copy.

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