Thanksgiving Sale!

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I wanted to lower the prices on all of my titles. Until Monday, November 26th, you will be able to purchase "Capture" and "Program 13" for $0.99 through Amazon or Smashwords. You'll also be able to download "The Yearning" free from Smashwords.

Note: "Capture" and "Program 13" should go down in price on Amazon by the end of the day. It takes Amazon a while to update any changes made. But in the meantime, both are already $0.99 through Smashwords.

Also a few things I should probably mention:

  • If you're waiting on a prize for me, I'll be sending them out this weekend.
  • The first twelve chapters of "Submerged" may or may not be posted here.
  • Don't forget that I'll post the first chapter of "Is Love (Volume 1)" on the blog if we get it to 100 adds on Goodreads!
Have a great Thanksgiving!

<3 Nicole

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