Teaser Tuesday: "Allegiance"

I decided to share a teaser from "Allegiance", something I wasn't planning on doing. But I'm excited and I need to share at least the opening with someone. :)

I've put the teaser behind a cut to avoid spoiling those of you who have yet to start the series. Please, I beg of you, do NOT read this if you haven't read the first book.

Here is the opening to "Allegiance":

It was both the best thing and the worst thing that could happen to a person. It had the ability to consume a person, to become them.
I used to believe in the idea of hope before I saw what it had done to Hayden – what I had done to Hayden.
I glanced down at the tablet in my hand – at his face that filled the screen, at the eyes of someone who’d put their trust in me – and felt my chest tighten.  I was the reason he was being held captive at Vesta Corp. I was the reason his life was in danger. I was the reason his sister had been taken away from him. Twice.
“You did what was needed, Alexis.” My mother’s voice was cold, uncaring.
I tossed the tablet onto her desk and leaned back in the black cushioned chair. “You promised me that he would be okay. You promised me,” I snarled.
“That was before,” she said, strumming her long nails along the desk, “He knew too much.”

Are you excited to read more next month?
There are a ton of secrets revealed in "Allegiance" - I like surprises - and it all leads up to "Deprogrammed". So while "Program 12" wasn't a mandatory read, "Allegiance" will be a mandatory read.

Back to writing I go!

<3 Nicole

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