Saturday Update!

Just a quick Saturday update:

On December 1st a certain publisher reopens to submissions. I'm planning on submitting Submerged to them, at least that is the plan. It really depends on when I hear back from my betas. I really don't have much else that I can share when it comes to Submerged. Sorry!

I'm finishing up Allegiance. For a digital short, there are a lot of twists in this novelette. It should give you an idea of where the series is headed. The best part for me was writing from a human perspective. Emile/Thirteen is a human trapped in a Programs body, but all Emile essentially is is a file on a hard-drive, so she's still very robotic. Alexis isn't. You'll actually get to see an entirely different side Alexis. I had fun working on this one. :)

That is unfortunately all I have to report on this week.

<3 Nicole

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