New to My Shelves (09)

Instead of doing In My Mailbox, I'm going to start doing New to My Shelves every Sunday. I'll post about the books I've bought/received, as well as updating on my projects.

Books for Review:
Thank you to both Spencer Hill Press, for Touch of Death and the awesome swag, and Lisa Orchard for review copies of her books.

Books Purchased:
I own an eBook copy already, but I adored this story and decided it needed a place on my shelf.

eBooks purchased:
  • Toxic (Denazen #2) by Jus Accardo (early eBook release!!)
  • Sweet Venom (Medusa Girls #1) by Tera Lynn Childs (freebie)
  • Ruby Red (Edelstein Trilogie #1) by Kerstin Gier
The blog has been super quiet this week. I've been incredibly busy: two concerts this week (Florence and the Machine w/ the Maccabees on Wednesday, and then Metric on Friday), working late, and trying to squeeze in writing time. I'll be away from the blog, as well as the Facebook page, for a few days, but I do have three scheduled posts (book spotlight, Deity book review on Monday, and a massive cover reveal post on Monday). I should be back soon (hopefully this week). If you need to get a hold of me, I will still be checking my e-mail, so you can reach me that way for now.

Now for some updates:
  • Program 12 is now free everywhere... except for Barnes & Noble. I'm hoping it'll show up soon, but if not, at least it is available through Smashwords.
  • Submerged news: I knew that trying to sell a dystopian would be hard, but I wanted to try. Unfortunately, I've had agents say that while it seemed interesting, they'd have to pass since they felt dystopia was on its way out. I do have one other publisher that I plan on submitting to in December. If they pass, expect to see Submerged in early 2013 (before Collide).
  • We Are All Strangers: I'm almost finished with the revised copy. It should be available at some point in November.
  • I'm currently rewriting a chapter from Capture in Ian's point of view. It'll be live on the blog around October 15th. If there is a specific chapter you'd like to see from Ian's point of view, let me know. I might consider rewriting the scene and posting it here. ;)
  • I have a date in mind for Decoding Evie. I'm thinking June 2013. This will give me time to finish it, as well as hire an editor. Again, I should mention that it is only a novella - not a full novel. I'll reveal the cover in January, as well as the synopsis.
Now off to get some writing done! If you see me on Twitter, feel free to yell at me to go write, haha.

<3 Nicole

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