Sunday Update.

Those would be the returned edits for Program 13.
Self-published authors, if you are looking for an editor, I'd highly suggest H. Danielle Crabtree. She does a fantastic job, and she charges reasonable fees.

I know that I haven't been around this past week, but unfortunately, real life has been quite chaotic. I don't feel comfortable talking about what's going on, but if I'm quiet for the next few days, just know that it is because I'm dealing with a lot at home.

Onto actual updates:
I've been receiving a ton of ARC requests for Program 13. As of right now, I am out of paperback copies, but I do have ebook copies available. If that is okay, feel free to send over an e-mail, if it isn't, I apologize. I have to purchase each paperback copy and then ship them out, so it gets to be a bit costly.

I'm working on edits for Submerged right now, and I'm squeezing in reading in-between. This book is driving me nuts, but I absolutely love it. I only hope that it will find a home with a publisher.

Once I finish Submerged, I plan on diving into either Collapse or LoS (still working on a definite title).

I will *finally* have a review up tomorrow (Semi-Charmed Life). I'm finishing up the review right now. It should be up around 6pm tomorrow. I'm also going to sneak in a review for a novella. Spark will follow at some time this week. I have yet to finish typing up that review, unfortunately, so once I complete it, it'll be posted.

And finally concerning my upcoming releases: I'm going through a copy of Capture right now. I'm doing one final read through for typos, and then it'll be 100% ready to go. I wrote Capture in 2010 as part of NaNoWriMo, so to finally put it out into the world (for real this time), I'm super excited. As soon as I finish Is Love and Deprogrammed, I plan on working on Release. I don't know when it'll be available, all I can say is at some point in 2013. I can give you an estimated date for Deprogrammed, though. As of right now, I'm aiming for a May/June 2013 release. There will be a short story released in late April, and it'll be from Emile's point of view. It'll cover the time between Program 13 and Deprogrammed.

To make up for me being quiet on the blog, here is a cute photo of one of my dogs:

<3 Nicole

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