Quick Update.

I just wanted to let you all know that I've decided to make both "Program 13" and "Capture" KDP Select titles. What does this mean? It means that they will be exclusive to Amazon for 90 days. I've decided to do this because that's where my sales are from - I'm not really selling any copies through Barnes & Noble and Smashwords, and plus, I want to take advantage of the freebie days. Self-publishing means that I have to take advantage of every marketing opportunity that I can.

Also, for those of you interested, you can download "Program 12" for free from Smashwords (here). I'm hoping that they'll post the file to Amazon soon, but it looks like it won't be done anytime soon.

Editing Hell:
I'm still in editing hell with "Submerged". This novel will be the death of me. But that's okay. I'm actually thinking of finding a few beta readers to go over it before I dive into the query process next month. I have two awesome friends that usually read through my projects, but I'd like to actually find a fellow writer/beta reader to go over "Submerged". So that's next on my list of things to do.

Secret Projects:
I planned on releasing my next project in December, but I'm going to push the release back until March 2013. I do have a cover for the novel, as well as a rough synopsis, but I'm going to hold off on sharing them until October. But I can give you a title: "Collide". It's a contemporary NA novel, and I kind of really love it.

The downside to using stock images for your cover:
Concerning the cover for "Capture" on Goodreads: I don't respond to negative reviews (as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and not everyone will like my work - I'm okay with that), but I've noticed a few comments now where readers seemed bothered by the fact that the cover image for "Capture" was the same one for "Dark Frost". I can completely understand this annoyance, as I hate when there are numerous books using the same stock image, however, the cover that is on Goodreads is not the cover that is being used for "Capture" now. See, I originally published "Capture" in early 2011, but pulled it to rework the story. During this time, the cover was revealed for "Dark Frost", which used the same stock image. Not wanting to confuse readers, I changed the cover image in early 2012 (long before I hit "publish" for the second time). The stock image used in the current cover has been the cover image since January 2012 (although I was still considering other options). Unfortunately, Goodreads hates me and will not allow me to update the cover image for "Capture". Trust me, I've tried multiple times now.

Here is the cover for "Capture" on Goodreads:

Here is the cover for "Dark Frost":

Why am I addressing this? I don't want readers to be put off from reading "Capture" because of the cover issue.

And that is enough rambling for this week.

I'll announce the winner of the "Program 13" giveaway tomorrow.

<3 Nicole

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