Cover Re-Revealed: My Alien Romance series by Magan Vernon!

I read How to Date an Alien by Magan Vernon last year, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a cute, fast read. I thought the covers were cute, but I wasn't crazy about them. But these new covers? They are absolutely fantastic. I hope it'll add more interest from readers because this series is really fun.

What Magan has to say about the cover changes:
Now don't get me wrong, I LOVED my original covers for How to Date an Alien and How to Break up with an Alien, but to some people it was giving off the impression that it was a cutesy MG book.

If you still loved my original covers, the beautiful designs by CA Marshall will still grace my paperbacks. To up the stakes and grace my covers with a hot alien boy, I enlisted the help of the awesome Steven Novak who has designed covers for Rashelle Workman, Megg Jensen, and Angela Carlie.

He understood my vision and my NEED for Ace to have guyliner on the covers. These new covers will be uploaded to Amazon ASAP so hopefully the rest of the world can understand the hotness of aliens.

What do you think of the new covers?

Have you hopped over to Amazon yet and picked up How to Date an Alien for FREE?

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