The correct ending.

This is spoilerish if you haven't read The Yearning yet. This is the correct ending. I've submitted the corrected document, so it should be fixed shortly, but I think on Amazon/Smashwords, your copy is the copy you purchase (it doesn't automatically update).

So for that reason, I'm posting the final lines here as they are different from the original upload. I'm putting them behind a cut to be nice. ;P

This is what was on the original upload (from an earlier draft):

This is what your copy should actually say:

The door to the roof flies open, and the guards yell at me to move away. I back away, my eyes never leaving Keegan. I can feel my body shaking, unsure of what to do. I collapse to the floor as I reach the guards.
I watch as the guards prepare their weapons, aiming directly at Keegan’s head. I hear two shots fire, and I let out a loud shriek. “Keegan!” I yell, but it’s useless. As his body falls to the floor, all I want is to pick him up; to try and bring him back. But they won’t let me. Their hands are gripping my arms, pulling me away from his lifeless body.
He is my last connection to the outside world, and now he is gone.
Just like everything else.

I apologize for that. I am human, and I do make mistakes occasionally. Like I said, if you purchased a copy already, I will happily send you a free corrected copy. Just let me know by leaving a comment below.

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