Real Life.

I have my internet life: a life in which people know about my books and my insane love for One Direction (no shame). And then I have my real life: where everything is complete and utter chaos at the moment.

I took a bit of a break there from writing, but I'm back to completely throwing myself into my books. I intend on submitting Submerged to Spencer Hill Press, Crescent Moon, and a few other small presses later this year. I really do love this book and even though I know it'll be a hard sell, since it IS a dystopian novel, I do want to give it a chance with publishers before I decide to go the self-publishing route with it. It's an extremely personal book for me; it's about loss, strength, and ultimately, it's about family. I actually sent a snippet of it to a book development company in hopes of finding a project I could work on, and while they did pass after informing me they didn't have anything they could offer me, they did say they enjoyed the sample. That, along with the amazing responses I've gotten from early readers, I'm certain this book has an audience. Unlike "Program 13", this book has a romantic subplot. ;)

I wish I had an update on "Program 13". Unfortunately, the manuscript is still with one agent and five [small]  publishers. I doubt it'll get picked up, as I have been told it isn't marketable enough multiple times now. But I can hope, right?

I'm finishing up edits on "No Place Like Home", which will *finally* be available on May 27th. This novella has been sitting on my jump-drive for over a year now, so I'm excited to finally put it out there. The next release will be "Capture", which should be out in August. "We Are All Strangers" will follow in December. In between, I will be releasing a novelette (the first of five). So this is going to be a pretty busy year, but I'm excited.

And just because his CD will finally be released in the US next month, I'm just going to leave this here:

I adore Ed Sheeran and I really can't wait for him to explode in the US. The boy is beyond talented.

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