There are few publishers that will publish a novella - of course, if you have a series contracted, novellas seem to be the norm nowadays. But a novella that's not a part of a series? Yeah. Getting one of those published can prove to be difficult.

I actually had a small publisher reviewing NPLH, and after a polite rejection (due to the page count being 69 pages, they wouldn't be able to price it at $2.99), they did offer to look it over again if I decided to develop it into a full length novel. This is something I've considered, in fact, it is something I battled with while writing it. But honestly, Savannah's story just doesn't feel right as a full novel. Heck, the original story I planned to write turned into something entirely different. This is a story that I put a lot of time and thought into, and in the end, it ended where it was supposed to, and how it was supposed to.

And while I do plan on submitting to that publisher again (really, they've been terrific), I don't feel as though lengthening No Place Like Home is the right move. So, I've decided to self publish it. Before you freak out, I will be hiring an editor. I will also have a few friends overlook the manuscript because I don't want to publish garbage.

When can you expect to see No Place Like Home online?

I'm aiming for May 14th June 18th (possibly later, but there's no possibility of it arriving before then).

Where will you be able to purchase it?

In the Kindle Store and the Nook Store. I will also make a paperback version available (the price will be incredibly low, probably around $3). The paperback will be available through Create Space, as I haven't decided whether or not I want to distribute that through Amazon as well.

*I do plan on hiring someone to format the eBook (I'll be doing the formatting for the paperback myself). And I do plan on throwing together a book trailer within the next couple of months.

The word count is a little over 20,000 words.

It's a story featuring a family of broken characters as they struggle to deal with their grief. It is a dark story, but there is enough humor tossed throughout. Savannah is a witty character. She's in no way tough, but she tries to appear as though she is - it's her way of handling the loss of her father. I've received positive responses from readers, and honestly, if they didn't say that they loved the story...I'd probably be keening it on my jump-drive. But I'm not. I'm extremely happy with how this turned out.

And now I will leave you with the mini synopsis for RUNNING SCARED:
One night will change everything.
While on her way back to her friend’s house, Tessa Dutton and her friend, Michaela Perkins, are approached by two strangers. Unsure of what else to do, they take off running, believing that their lives are in danger. But their actions will bring consequences. When the police find two bodies the next morning, and Tessa’s hand-prints all over the house, they have questions. But after that night, Tessa refuses to speak. And the truth may just eat away at her.

Again, this is a novel that while built around an experience I had as a teenager, is overall, a fiction novel. I can tell you this, my college classes (the bonus of majoring in Criminal Justice) and my love of Criminal Minds may have influenced this one as well.

The theme song for RUNNING SCARED:

Brandon Boyd "Courage and Control" from Y Gary on Vimeo.

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