Synopsis Time.

Here are the synopses for Program 13 and Capture, hopefully they'll answer any, and all, questions you may have concerning both novels. Also, I think the synopsis for Program 13 will help you all to better understand the Emile/Thirteen relationship (as the short synopsis doesn't really do a great job of explaining things):

One page synopsis for "Capture":
Life can change in an instant.
While on her way to Bryn’s house as part of her magic training, Autumn comes upon a strange man standing in front of the Command Center. In a place like Lunica City, where everyone knows everybody, his presence frightens the residents. Autumn standby’s motionless, watching as he breaks the one and only rule that Lunica City has: never use your magic to harm another being.

Desperate to keep the morning’s tragedy under wraps, Commander Willow Ford issues a memory cleanse on every witness - effective immediately. Because if word spreads that fifteen residents have been murdered, all hell will break lose, and the Commander cannot allow that to happen.

Leading the surviving bystanders beneath the Commander Center, the Commander sends them off into a room, one-by-one, where Official Agnes will perform the memory cleanse on each person.

When it’s Autumn’s turn, she begins to panic, worrying that the Official will harm her – after all, she’s known to be violent. But when the cleanse is finished, and Autumn is on her way, the Official tells her that Lucas will be back. And he’ll be back soon.

The word’s don’t make sense to Autumn. She can’t even remember why she’s in the Command Center, or why she’s with Official Agnes. But she knows that there’s an urgency in the Official’s words, although she isn’t sure as to why.

But it’s something important, something she needs to remember.

Because soon enough, Lucas will return in search of her.

When everything you know is a lie, what do you choose to believe in?
When Bryn disappears without a trace, and the Official seems to be keeping a close eye on Autumn’s whereabouts, she begins to question what’s going on.

Desperate for answers, she pays a visit to Adley Baxter, the one person she knows can give her answers. But when Adley tells Autumn that the city will soon fall at the hands of Lucas, and that she is the only one capable of stopping him – everything changes.

The klutzy, eighteen year old, who has yet to learn to control her magic, will now need to find a way to save a city from its demise. But it won’t be easy.

She’ll have to watch her mother die.

She’ll have to keep from losing her heart to the enemy.

And she’ll need to accept who, and what, she is.

But the hardest part will be finding the strength to take down Lucas.

Her brother.

Because if she can’t defeat him, the city will fall and she’ll lose everyone that she loves.

That is, if he doesn’t kill her first.

One page synopsis for "Program 13":
Emile’s life was almost perfect, as close to perfect as it could be for any teenager. She had a loving family, a great boyfriend, and the future in front of her. But it was all taken away when a car struck her down in an alleyway. Emile’s parents were told her death was an accident, and that it was best if they didn’t mention it to anyone. But her death was far from an accident.
Her death was only the beginning. Emile Reed is dead. Her body has been signed over to Vesta Corp, where her parents believe it is being used for science. If only they knew…
Everything Emile was. Everything she knew. It’s been erased, stored on a back-up hard drive, never to see the light of day. Her body has been rewired, made up of computer parts, and what’s left of Emile’s battered body. Having been turned into a Program, Thirteen isn’t aware of the life she’s lost, or that she’d been murdered by the very man responsible for her being. All she knows is that she is the first teenage Program created by Charles McVeigh. And that he has plans for her.
But his plans are cut short when Hayden, Emile’s brother, takes a job at Vesta Corp with every intention of giving his sister back the life that was stolen from her. Through her daily hard drive evaluations, Hayden slowly begins to reinstate Emile’s life on Thirteen’s programming. But when he runs out of time, his only option is to get Thirteen to safety.
With the help of Tina, a white coat at Vesta Corp, Hayden manages to sneak Thirteen out of the building and to a nearby house where he finishes the remaining hard drive evaluations. But there is no time to celebrate, because McVeigh will be sending his men after Thirteen and Hayden knows it.
Eager to get her as far away from Vesta Corp as possible, Hayden sends Emile off to a nearby residence, insisting its best this way. Because if they stay together, not only will McVeigh come for Emile, but he’ll also take her family captive.
On her way to the nearby residence, Emile nearly runs down a young boy she finds standing in the middle of the road. Struggling to adjust to life after McVeigh, Colton and Emile form a connection. But there’s a problem, he’s a human, and humans aren’t particularly fond of Program’s.
And Thirteen’s programming is beginning to find its way back in.
Program Thirteen is still very much alive. And Emile will need to find a way to fend her off if she has any chance of saving those that she cares about from McVeigh’s wrath.
No one is safe.

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