Review Policy

I am open to review requests, but before you submit a request, please (I beg of you), read this thoroughly:


You can submit review requests to NicoleWritesYA[at]gmail[dot]com with information concerning your book, and when you'd like the review posted by. I can't promise that I will be able to review your book on time, but I will do my best. Also make sure to let me know when you'd need the review by.

Due to my hectic writing schedule for 2014, I will not be able to take on every review request that I receive. I wish I could take on every request but I don't have the time between working full time, doing online classes and writing my own books. Hopefully that will change down the line!

I will not post any negative reviews on this blog, as I want to keep it professional. If I can't give your book at least three stars, I will do a promo post instead. (As a writer, I wouldn't feel right reviewing a book I didn't enjoy on my blog. I'd feel it was disrespectful on my end, and I'm definitely not trying to be disrespectful towards my fellow authors.)

If you'd like me to host a giveaway for you, I'd happily do so. Just let me know in an e-mail. :)


I am currently book for June reviews. If you send me an e-mail for a review, please note that I will NOT be able to review it until late July/early August at the earliest. 


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    1. Kimberly,

      I just now saw this comment, sorry for the late response.
      I can gift you a Nook copy of the book, but as it is a self-published title, I don't have many paperback copies on hand at the moment.

      Send me an e-mail:

      I'm going to delete your original comment as I don't want all of your information out for the public to read.