Quick Update Post!

Sorry for the silence. Things are a bit hectic.

Things were a bit crazy following Hurricane Irma. Although the area of Florida I'm in didn't receive a direct hit, we did receive the "dirty side" of the storm bands and Irma managed to leave plenty of damage in her wake.

We (thankfully!) were only without power for sixteen hours, but internet was down for a lot longer so updating wasn't entirely possible. I did have my hotspot on my phone, but even that was spotty following the storm. Things are back to normal now, though, so it's update time!

The cover for Collide #1 is done and it's absolutely stunning. It was created by Najla Qamber Designs and I love, love, love it. I'm so excited for her to get to work on the cover for #2 soon, too. Unfortunately, I do not know when I can officially share the cover just yet. Once I turn in #3 this week, I'll try and find that out.

As stated above, I'm finishing up work on Collide #3 right now. This has been a hard book to write because it kind of took on a mind of its own 5k words in. Thankfully, I now only have two chapters left to write and I'm thrilled. It should be out in April 2018. (There won't be a long gap between the first three installments, so that's good!)

As for Seraphina? I intended to have that out this month, but after unexpectedly having gallbladder surgery, dealing with a hurricane, and trying to write the rest of the Collide series? I haven't had time to get that novella in shape for release. It's coming before the end of the year. Just be patient with me, please.

Now, onto Rebirth: Yes, that's still on track for December. I'm going back to work on it following Collide #3. (I'm taking a mini break before I write #4 and #5.) Pre-orders are not live yet but they're coming.

<3 Nicole

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