What Would You Like to See Me Release Next?

Although I've been quiet on here, I have been hard at work on my next few releases. 

The first book of the COLLIDE series is with the folks at InkSpell Publishing, and the second book should be headed their way by the end of the month. After that, I will focus on the remaining three installments, before turning my focus back to a previously announced book. Ideally, I'd love for that book to be REBIRTH, as I've already drafted a good amount of it, but I'm willing to change that based on what my readers would rather see come up next. So here are the options: RELEASE (Lunica City Duet, Book Two), REBIRTH (Emile Reed Chronicles Companion Novel), As We Fall (The Shaden Duet, Book One), or the follow-up to SURVIVAL INSTINCT: THE PREQUEL? It's up to you guys, so sound off in the comments below. Whichever title earns the most votes is what I'll release next.

Along with finally getting some writing done, I've finally started reading again. (Oh, how I've missed books.) I was able to read the upcoming MILES MORALES novel from Marvel Press and have a review ready to go closer to the book's release, and I just started reading Jennifer L. Armentrout's THE DEAD LIST. 

However, this is where the fun ends in this post. After heading to the ER today, I now have to get my gallbladder removed -- and soon -- as I'm currently dealing with gallstones on top of my liver issues. Plus side, this shouldn't harm my writing deadlines. Negative? I hate surgeries. 

I'll try and make better use of this, I promise.
For now, you can either catch me on Facebook or Twitter (@NicoleSobon) where I'm a heck of a lot more active -- that's mainly due to my freelance writing gig.

<3 You're all the best. 

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