Some GOOD News... and Some BIG Changes!

Pardon my absence once again. Things are a bit hectic in my personal life at the moment. (For once, however, my health is actually decent, haha.)

As the title implies, though, I finally have some good news to share!

Not only is SURVIVAL INSTINCT coming out this month, but I've also signed on with InkSpell Publishing to help put out the entire COLLIDE series. I'm super excited about that part, and can't wait to start this journey with them. 

As for those that have been asking about REBIRTH? I haven't forgotten about that book -- or RELEASE, for that matter -- I just haven't been in the state of mind to work on that story. The problem with REBIRTH is that it gets dark. Like, super dark. (This isn't surprising given that it's about the villain from THE EMILE REED CHRONICLES.) But! Given everything going on with me right now? Putting my head back in McVeigh's space just isn't ideal. They're definitely coming this year, though. I just don't know when exactly.

And no, REBIRTH will not be included with THE EMILE REED CHRONICLES: THE COMPLETE SERIES. This is because REBIRTH is a companion novel to that series. Although Emile gets introduced as the very end -- as I've always said, the final chapter will lead directly into PROGRAM 13 -- McVeigh's story is its own beast. 

In between all of this, I'm still trying to finish AS I FALL. However, I'm considering submitting it to a few publishers once it's complete, so no promises on the release date for that as of right now. I'm also writing a standalone novella that I plan on shopping around.

As for the changes? Well, because of the chaos that has been going on around me, I ended up making some massive changes to SURVIVAL INSTINCT. While I've been open about my health issues in recent years -- I'm currently dealing with some liver issues -- I haven't been open about everything else that has been going on. Let's just say that things haven't been great. This, surprisingly, has managed to give me a creative boost. (I know, it's insane!) So, SURVIVAL INSTINCT is no longer a standalone book. It's going to be a series. SURVIVAL INSTINCT will be the prequel to the series. I'm adjusting the price to $0.99 on Amazon. I've come to love these characters and the world I've created here, and writing about them has oddly enough helped me to deal with my personal life. The series will consist of SURVIVAL INSTINCT: THE PREQUEL, SURVIVAL INSTINCT: BOOK ONE, SURVIVAL INSTINCT: BOOK TWO. Both THE YEARNING and THE FACILITY will continue to serve as companion stories to the series.

I promise, I'm going to eventually write a standalone novel. I hope. 

Lots of goodies coming, folks! 



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