Let's talk about REBOOTED.

Emile's story is pretty much complete. I'm honestly just dragging out New Beginnings at this point, mainly because I'm going to miss Emile & Colton. I adore all of my characters, but these two? They were, and always will be, my favorites.

When I finished Rebooted, I found myself feeling both upset and excited. Upset because of the events that took place in the final novel, and excited because I knew that I'd ended it exactly how I'd set out to.

I've been dying to talk about how the series ends for some time now, but I've done my best to keep quiet in fear in that I would spoil something for someone. Well, Rebooted has been out for a little while now, and I feel comfortable enough to talk about the ending.

Don't worry, if you haven't caught up with the series, I'm including a spoiler cut. ;)

Can we talk about the ending of REBOOTED?
Okay, so here’s the deal. I knew in the beginning, once I decided to turn PROGRAM 13 into a series, that Emile and Colton would survive. I mean, they’d been through enough hell as it was, I wasn’t going to kill them off. It would have been an easy fix, sure, but it wouldn’t have been the right ending for them. Which led to a certain fan favorite being killed off in exchange. (Well, two really with H at the end of DEPROGRAMMED and A at the end of REBOOTED.) I knew characters would die, and in my own cryptic way, I tried warning everyone to expect some deaths. I know a lot of people are probably going to be mad at the ending, but it was the only right choice. Alexis took back control of her life, the one thing she had wanted after losing Hayden, and she did it by using her uncle’s own paranoia against him (since his main guard always had small bombs on hand, in case he needed to get rid of evidence of what he’d done). It was the right ending, even if some people are going to hate it. And when it comes down to it, she was the only one that could really stop him since Emile was struggling to fight off Thirteen’s hold. 

There really wasn't another option?
This is the way I see it: Alexis spent years working for her uncle, doing as he pleased, assisting in the murder of innocent lives. In her eyes, she'd spent so long among the dead that she'd forgotten how to live until she met Hayden. He made her see the possibilities that the world outside of Vesta Corp held, which made her want to change; to fight back against her uncle. But she wasn't stupid. She knew that, even if they'd all escaped, he would've found them. So she did what she felt that she needed to do: she took back control of her life, allowing herself to determine the ending of the story, while seeing to it that she stopped the very monster that had destroyed so many others.

What about the three subjects mentioned in both DEPROGRAMMED and REBOOTED?
You’ll get to learn more about them in THE UNTOLD STORIES. Remember how Emile stated that she visited all of them? Well, I’ll be writing about those visits in THE UNTOLD STORIES. (They’ll all be from the other characters’ points of view.) I didn’t want to introduce them in this book, because there was already enough going in. We hear about them, but that’s really it, because I didn’t want to crowd the story. This was Emile’s story. (Alexis’ story ties in heavily with Emile’s story, which is why I introduced her POV in the second book.) I needed to be sure to tell Emile’s story, and keep the focus on her as much as possible. Bringing in three new characters from the outside? That wouldn’t have worked too well.

Do you think you’d ever do a spin-off series?
That’s an easy one, no. Now, that isn’t because I don’t love these characters. I do, I’ve been with them for years now (since late 2010). It’s just that, I know that if I tried to extend this story any further, I’d find that there would be nothing left to tell, really. McVeigh’s book, REBIRTH, which I’ll be releasing later this year, is as close to a “spin-off” as I’ll go. But even that ties in with the main series. 

Speaking of REBIRTH, can you tell us what it’s about? Will Emile be in it?
So, here’s the deal: REBIRTH is a standalone companion novel to the Emile Reed Chronicles. It takes place before PROGRAM 13, I’d say close to a year beforehand. It’s told strictly from McVeigh’s POV, so expect the language to be a bit more adult, although I’m still writing it for a young adult crowd. It will touch on his father’s death (which we learn about in REBOOTED), as well as his relationships with his siblings (Alexis’ mom and Douglas Todd). The main point of this book is to give readers another look at our favorite villain. He’s much more than the egotistical creep that we meet in the Emile Reed Chronicles. Something made him that way, and I plan on touching on that in REBIRTH. As to whether or not Emile will be in it, if you recall, McVeigh spent a long time following Emile before he brought her into Vesta Corp. So we will see some of that, but that’s about it. 

When will NEW BEGINNINGS be available?
It’s almost ready! And I love it, guys. I’ve never bothered to hide my Colton fangirl, he’s easily my favorite character that I’ve written, but this novella? It makes me adore him more than usual. The bond that he has formed with Emile over the course of the series is still as strong as ever. They really are each others anchors, and I think this novella really showcases that. And yes, Grant does make an appearance.

As of right now, I'm working on STOUTHEARTED, and I'll be following that up with REBIRTH. After that, I plan on focusing on THE UNTOLD STORIES and THE PROGRAM MANUAL. If there's anything you'd like to see included in the manual, let me know in the comments below!

Also, if you've read and enjoyed REBOOTED, I'd truly appreciate it if you left a review on Amazon. Reviews help to bring in new readers. =)

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