And I'm Back!

I know the blog has been quiet. Part of that was because I went on a road trip to Atlanta, Georgia with my younger brother to attend a White Lies concert. (You'll notice I travel a lot to see them. They're my favorite band and they never come to Florida, so I travel to one of their US shows every tour.)
It was a lot of fun, and I'm more than ready to go back at some point this year.

Here are some random photos I took while there:

I didn't get any writing done while there, but I did get a better idea of the setting for Stouthearted. While I don't have a release date, and I won't be revealing one until the book is complete, I can tell you that a cover will be coming your way next month! I'll be sending the description over to the cover designer in about a week, so there's that! =)

I'm probably going to take a bit of a break before I release Stouthearted. I've been out of it with reading and writing as of late, so I think an extended break is definitely needed. I need to remember why I love writing, and right now, I just can't seem to do that. That's probably the worst thing a writer can say, but honestly, if my head and heart aren't in it, anything I write now is just going to be crap. So, expect me to go away for two or three weeks beginning in mid March.

Also, I have a HUGE stack of older ARCs that I need to find a new home for. If you're a book blogger, and your blog has at least 100 followers, shoot me an e-mail: NicoleWritesYA@gmail.com. I'll randomly select one blogger to send the stack of ARCs to. (Note: This is for US bloggers only, as I can't afford international shipping for 19 books.)

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